Indian Bird Feather Silver Necklace

For Native American Tribes a feather is not only just something that falls out of a bird,  but ..

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Dainty Cross and Circle Silver Necklace

This handmade dainty karma necklace is an great gift for yourself and your loved one. This elegant&n..

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Flying Witch Silver Necklace

This delicate "Flying Witch" Silver  necklace with a simple unique element for the Holidays.It ..

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Karma Golden Silver Necklace

It is simple and elegant! This necklace is an great gift for yourself and your loved one. It is sure..

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Mesopotamia Feroza Necklace (Small)

This beautiful Mesopotamian authentic necklace made from Feroza alloy and silver. In the past, peopl..

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Mighty Guardian Angel Silver Necklace

An angel symbolize eternal life, all the good things of the world, the pure and the beautiful. Whate..

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Shiny Sword Silver Necklace

This is a beautiful silver Sword necklace. Perfect for everyday use or for special occasions. Stunni..

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