Engagement Gifts

Evil Eye Silver Earring

Handmade, delicate, minimalist sterling silver earrings. This earrings are very delicate and light t..

$24.00 Ex Tax:$24.00asdasd1

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Eye Shape Silver Earrings

Amazing sterling silver authentic fashion eye shape earrings.-Eye Shape Silver Earrings are made of ..

$25.00 Ex Tax:$25.00asdasd1

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Half Sun Stud Silver Earrings

Amazing sterling silver authentic earrings. Perfect gift for you or for somebody special. -Half..

$37.00 Ex Tax:$37.00asdasd1

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He Loves Me Daisy Silver Necklace

A simple and perfectly cute personalized white daisy pendant. Daisy is traditioally associated with ..

$36.00 $45.00 Ex Tax:$36.00asdasd1

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Journey Silver Necklace

Journey Silver Necklace is so beautiful and attracted necklace. Its an every day piece you won’t wan..

$32.00 Ex Tax:$32.00asdasd1

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